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5 Advanced Ways to Generate Valuable Content For LinkedIn

1) Forking other people's content

Reddit is a great place to find ideas for content. Reddit has been dubbed "the front page of the internet." As a result, lots of interesting things are posted there. This includes business articles. For this post, I found an article that I liked on Reddit and then made it my own by creating my own blog post out of it.

What To Do:

First, look in the /r/entrepreneur section of Reddit for anything that might apply to you. If not, then move on to the other relevant sections (e.g., /r/startups or /r/marketing). See if there are any topics that you can write about from different perspectives or angles: How-to posts (explanations), case studies, tips n' tricks (tips with examples), list posts (top 5, 10, 20), etc. Save all the links that look relevant (on Reddit or anywhere else). Make a list of topics and angles to generate content from them. Finally, put it in a spreadsheet. You now have the foundation for a content plan.

Then you can use tools like The Best Spinner to rephrase those ideas into posts.

Sourcing Tips

Try to avoid the same old topics. Find something new and interesting that others won't have thought of.

Find different perspectives and angles to create content.

Maybe you will write a how-to post, list post, case study, or a tip n' trick. Do not hesitate to use tools like The Best Spinner to rephrase those ideas into posts (see above).

Make sure you ask infographics designers on Fiverr to make charts and graphics for your article posts as well (see above).

The only thing you will need is time, so do not rush it!

2) Repurposing your content

If you have been blogging for a while, then you probably have lots of content that you can repurpose. This includes blog posts, videos, infographics or other information products. You might even use some of them as part of your LinkedIn posts, or create a new post from the idea behind it.

How To Repurpose Your Content?

Write a good headline that will make someone want to click on it and read the article. Post it on LinkedIn with an engaging image that people will want to look at (see "Sourcing Tips" above). Put a link at the end of your post to your original post (e.g., my version of this article ). If this is an ongoing discussion about a particular topic, then put all the links about it in one place in your profile so people can find all relevant information in one place. If it is a how-to post, then make sure you put a graphic at the end of it to show people where to find the steps they need.

3) Scouring news sites and blogs for content ideas

There are lots of interesting, relevant, and useful things written by other people in the business world all the time. You probably will not have time to read them all, but you can use this great tool to find them: Feedly.

What To Do:

Go to Feedly click on "Add a feed" and type in your search term. You can also use a keyword like "startup", "blogging" or "business". Click on "Show more results" if you do not see enough results. If you do not see anything, then try another keyword that is related to what you are trying to accomplish. Click on one of the links that interest you (it does not matter which one). Copy a few paragraphs from it into your post as an example or inspiration. Then write an engaging headline, put an image at the end, and you are done.

4) Writing Hints on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has a platform called LinkedIn Pulse where you can not only write posts, but also share your thoughts on any topic. You can write tips and hints to other people in this forum. Just select one of the questions asked by other members and answer it in a polite manner. This will definitely grab some attention from the readers as well as from those who had asked that question!

One way of creating content is by forking other people's blog posts.

If you have an interesting answer to any question, just post your comment with a link back to your own blog or website. This will increase your traffic, followers and also help you sell better!

5) Creating Quizzes for LinkedIn

Post interesting quizzes on LinkedIn. Just select a number of questions and have a start and end date to it. The members who answer the quiz questions correctly before the given date, will be rewarded with a small prize or maybe you can create an e-book for them!

It is also possible that there might be some contest going on in your niche, where people are answering questions to win something. If you can create engaging quizzes based on this contest, then people would love to take part in it. This will increase your traffic as well!


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