• Oleg Voronko

Convert LinkedIn Profiles into Content-Focused CRM

How to trace content-driven insights for the targeted profiles on a daily basis?

Reading LinkedIn activity of each is time-consuming, boring, and even ineffective.

So we decided to build for you something new - content-driven CRM!

It automatically converts a list of raw data about LinkedIn profiles into powerful CRM.

Viewable, manageable, and handy.

It keeps info about every profile scanned by you before:

  1. Posts specific profile wrote itself

  2. Posts from others he liked and commented

  3. Influencers that matter for him

  4. Aggregated intelligence about hashtags, keywords, and best day/media to reach out to him.

Use insights to personalize your outreach via emails or messages.

How to do that?

Step 1. Upload a .csv list of profiles

Compose it manually or use any LinkedIn profiles extractor (Phantombuster or TexAu to name a few).

The links should look like:

https://www.linkedin.com/in/demojohndoe111/Relax and wait for 20 mins or so.

Then relax for 20 mins or so.

Step 2. Access the CRM

Choose the profile you're interested in and view content reports about it.

Step 3. Make your conversations more personalized

Mention findings in your cold email outreach, ongoing conversations, or LinkedIn messages.

People usually love it when you recognize their public activity and build conversations around it.

Improve the outcome of your campaigns with new content insights!

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