• Oleg Voronko

Hack #1: Find and use content strategies of successful LinkedIn influencers

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

All of us dream to write content that resonates with our LinkedIn audience and connections.

Sometimes we fail. Mostly at the beginning of working with a new audience.

We’re wasting time finding out reasons, experimenting, feeling desperate, and being stuck.

But there are people that succeed in delivering content for your audience.

Just start doing what they do.

You need to:

  1. Find these influencers;

  2. Reverse engineer their content strategies.

Let’s do that in 5 simple steps and 5 mins:

Step 1. Install Chrome Extension to get your LinkedIn cookies automatically.

It’s 100% safe and compliant.

Step 2. Enter https://app.norns.ai and create your account.

Simply enter credentials you want during the first sign in to register account.

Step 3. Scan profiles you want to find influencers for.

To run scanning do the next:

1) Add new profiles.

2) Upload a CSV list of chosen LinkedIn profiles

3) Run Scanning

It can take up to 30 mins to scan activities, analyze them, and generate reports but works 100% automatically.

When it's done, refresh the page and see details for every profile you requested.

Not it's time to see a Big Picture.

Step 4. Generate Aggregated report from every profile you scanned.

After the profiles have been added, you can aggregate them into single report to see a big picture.

To do so go to "Aggregated Report" from the menu at the left and click "Generate Report"

Step 5. Drink a cup of coffee and get back to the report.


Some minutes later refresh the page and get a lot of insights for your target audience in general.

These insights include 4 niche influencers to borrow your content strategy from.

See the days influencers post on, length of the post, type of media they use, hashtags, topics, and references.

Mimic their tactics on LinkedIn, improve it, and succeed!

Don’t forget to update the report every day to use the most actual insights.

Things that worked yesterday may be irrelevant tomorrow.

Important: Such an approach works much better if you made your homework to develop a LinkedIn strategy first.

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