• Oleg Voronko

Hack #2: Reveal the best time for posting on LinkedIn

No matter how good your LinkedIn content is if you post it at the wrong time.

Sounds simple.

You probably say “I know that Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to post everything”.

But too general recommendations can be misleading. Every audience is unique by schedule and attention.

Stop wasting days and weeks of your life for experimenting.

Investigate when exactly your connections actively engage with content on LinkedIn.

Now, this check takes no more than 20 mins.

Let’s do that in 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Install Chrome Extension to get your LinkedIn cookies automatically.

It’s 100% safe and compliant.

Step 2. Enter https://app.norns.ai and create your account.

Simply enter credentials you want during the first enter to register account.

Step 3. Run new research for your 1st connections.

To run scanning do the next:

1) Fill your report name to find it later.

2) Click the magic button "Fill cookies" to get them automatically.

3) Submit "Examine 1st connections" button to start.

It can take up to 30-40 mins to scan activities, analyze them and generate report but works 100% automatically.

Step 4. Get insights about the time to post.

Done! Get started with the actual insights.

Keep in mind that it may vary from audience to audience.

Real data and insights enable you to save your time to research x10.

With getting rid of this unknown variable, you can proceed with improving your content strategy.

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