• Oleg Voronko

Hack #3: Discover and Use the Most Effective LinkedIn Hashtags Every Day

Using proper hashtags is necessary for getting a larger reach to your audience and connections.

But how to know them?

There are 3 issues:

  1. There are a lot of hashtags on LinkedIn;

  2. Their popularity changes daily;

  3. There are no open sources to get all the real-time stats about hashtags.

Now, these issues are easily solvable:

Step 1. Install Chrome Extension to get your LinkedIn cookies automatically.

It’s 100% safe and compliant.

Step 2. Enter https://app.norns.ai and create your account.

Simply enter credentials you want during the first enter to register account.

Step 3. Run new research for your 1st connections.

To run scanning do the next:

1) Fill your report name to find it later.

2) Click the magic button "Fill cookies" to get them automatically.

3) Submit "Examine 1st connections" button to start.

It can take up to 30-40 mins to scan activities, analyze them and generate report but works 100% automatically.

Step 4. Get insights about the hashtags, your connections liked.

Done! Get started with the most effective.

With using hashtags relevant to your audience you can increase your content's reach up to 500%!

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