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Enrich Targeted LinkedIn Profiles data with Content Insights

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

How to know what do specific profiles post, like and comments at scale?

A lot of people were asking us about that.

Why is it necessary?

It provides you with clear answers for simple questions:

  1. What kind of hashtags and keywords does John use in his posts?

  2. Which posts did Jane like and comment for the last week?

  3. Was David active the last week on LinkedIn?

...And a bit more complicated ones:

  1. What post to mention in message or email to win Jack's attention?

  2. What are the target person's interests to adopt my emails?

  3. When it makes more sense to send messages to specific profiles?

How to do that?

Step 1. Compose a list of profiles as LinkedIn URLs in .csv.

It could be done manually or via any LinkedIn profiles extractor (Phantombuster or TexAu to name a few).

The links should look like:


Step 2. Create a new report via the Norns Web.

Fill cookies and upload it that .csv list via our app.

Then relax.

It takes 15-20 mins to generate a report but no need to stay there - you'll receive a notification email when it's ready.

Step 3. Download enriched .csv to view and use.

Don't worry - we'll add internal UI soon.

It looks like that:


We split the global profiles' activity between posts written by profile himself and the ones he liked and commented.

It makes a difference because some people can write long-reads (very long) while liking the cat memes at the same time.

So up to your content strategy, you can refer to the posts people write as well as post the cat memes to get their attention. For you to decide.

The same for hashtags, keywords, and references.


  • Free accounts can enrich up to 5 profiles daily. As the feature has a commercial purpose, the higher number is available only for a premium account.

  • It doesn't matter at what column profile URLs are. AI will find it.

  • If you have another data in columns there, AI will write our one into next empty columns

  • In case you're trying to upload a list of 60+ profiles it processes only the first/top 50 for analysis. AI won't put your account at risk by scanning more.

  • Each day the number refreshes, so feel free to enrich your long lists daily.

Let's try it!

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