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How Researching LinkedIn Activities of 578 Lead Generation Experts led us to a 62% Answer Rate

Times of brainless cold outreach passed away.

Having social accounts banned or emails marked as spammy are fears that may come true.

High email bounce rates or messages unanswered are one of the triggers.

Quality of quantity remains the only way to succeed.

As a result, it becomes crucially important to research leads and personalize messages before doing outreach.

While names, industries, and company sizes are still important, they rarely let lead generation experts see Big Picture about their audience.

One of the most underestimated ways of lead intelligence is getting insights on their interests.

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Getting Started

Long story short.

I decided to look into the details of the activities of more than 500 lead generation managers.

That’s of Sales Navigator search results (1.5K total).

The sample seemed good enough to start.

Date range analyzed:

5-19 October 2020.

The ratio of geography we got in fact:

There were way more small companies than larger ones:

It was time to proceed to the most interesting part - processing and getting insights about the leads.


Processing things was the easiest part.

All I needed was:

  1. LinkedIn itself - to narrow down the audience, using the criteria above.

  2. Sales Navigator - optional. The basic search works well enough.

  3. Norns.ai - to retrieve insights about audience

  4. Google Data Studio - for getting extra insights manually using raw data.

First of all, I retrieved links to profiles from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Then I uploaded them to Norns.ai using a web application and waited for a bit.

Part of the insights I needed I've seen right inside the Norns web application.

But I wanted to dive deeper into details, so exported data, cleaned it, and connected to Data Studio.

That's all.

The time to collect insights has come.

7 facts about lead generation managers behavior on LinkedIn

3 Activity Facts

  • 23% (133 of 578, to be precise) leads perform more than 3 actions weekly on LinkedIn.

  • Tuesday is the day when the majority of them are most active.

  • Thursday - less active.

4 Content Facts

  • Top 15% of most popular posts were posted on Sunday

  • The average post length of the most popular content they liked was 160 words.

  • Most popular content is personal stories most of us love so much :)

  • Top-10 most popular hashtags didn't surprise:

Bonus hint:

Never write to lead generation experts on Thursday!

Well, at least those ones.

All these insights sounded good enough.

But that was the theory.

What about the practical part?

What did I get?

Retrieving the insights above, I decided to proceed to practice.

So I narrowed the list down by two parameters:

Parameter 1: Frequency of leads activity on LinkedIn

I had to ensure that people (I’m writing to on LinkedIn) use it.

Probably most of you got responses from people you reached out to months ago?

No matter how exceptional my messages are If I write to those who don't visit LinkedIn at all.

Parameter 2: The relevance of my topic to these leads.

As a mark, I’ve chosen using the hashtag #leadgeneration.

Using them I’ve narrowed down my list to only 4% leads.

They were both active last week and liked content with hashtag #leadgeneration.

Only 29 of them fit.

All of them from small marketing agencies, except 1 enterprise representative.

And most of them were from the UK.

But they were worthy of reaching out to.

Without spamming and sending thousands of requests.

Saying the truth, I barely used my InMails quota.

And… most of them answered!


I gathered activity data for three days.

All the actions described above took 1 hour (well, using Norns.ai).

It converted into 9 calls.

It seems the new age of lead generation has truly come.

Do you research your leads' activity?

It's never too late to get started!

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