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How to Enrich Data about your B2B Leads using Norns Zapier integrations

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Integrations for Lead Intelligence are ready.

What does it mean?

You can output learnings about actual topics that matter for your leads and enrich records about them at any tool you currently use.

Looking for clients?

Research who is asking for the services you propose.

Selling any B2B SaaS?

Find the ones who are interested in using tools like yours.

Looking for investors interested in your industry right now?

Filter and select the ones who are discussing it.

By doing things in this way you automate getting much warmer leads than ever before.

Watch how raw lead intelligence data look like:

It becomes real because of our integration with Zapier.

Let’s see how it works.

Norns AI has 2 options: Action and Trigger.

Let's see how to configure them.

Norns Action

Norns Action allows you to send leads’ Linkedin URLs from any CRM, Google sheets, or lead generation tools to Norns to retrieve lead intelligence data about them.

See how to configure Norns Zapier Action:

Norns Trigger

Norns Trigger enriches your list of leads or prospects from any app with lead intelligence data when it’s ready.

It triggers automatically every 15 mins.

See how to configure Norns Zapier Trigger:

How to Start in 5 steps

Step 1. Install Norns Chrome Extension

1.1 Visit Norns Chrome Extension Page

1.2 Install the extension

Step 2. Configure Your Cookies at Norns App’s Account Page

2.1 Sign Up for Norns AI at https://app.norns.ai

2.2 Visit https://app.norns.ai/account/

2.3 Click the "Fill Cookies" button

Step 3. Get your API key

3.1 Copy your API key from the same page

Step 4. Get Norns Zapier Beta Invitation

4.1 Visit https://zapier.com and sign in / sign up

4.2 Follow the invitation link:


4.3 Accept the invitation

Step 5. Authorize Norns AI using API Key you’ve got before

5.1 Visit https://zapier.com/app/connections 5.2 Select Norns AI:

5.3 Enter Norns API Key

That’s it. Time to give it a try!

P.S. Beware of Norns AI daily limitations.

You’re able to process 80 leads daily.

Sounds not too much excited, I do agree.

But it works in this way to keep your LinkedIn account safe and protected.

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